Terms of use

Network Optimum application hosting

SolForLog offers two types of application hosting to its clients. By default SolForLog uses its own dedicated server for application hosting and guarantees the confidentiality of all information stored within. In such a case (if the application is hosted on SolForLog server) the client would need to open a communication port within the company fire-wall for the purpose of necessary communication with the application.

Another possibility of hosting is also available should a client request to have a dedicated server of its own. To find out the optimal configuration required for running the Network Optimum application within your company's server, please contact us. Below you will find the optimal user configuration and requirements essential for operating Network Optimum application on your personal computer.

User requirements:
Internet explorer 8 or 9, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later, Google Chrome 1.0

Hardware requirements:
• Processor: Pentium IV or similar, 2GHz or more
• Operational memory: 512MB
• Graphics card: 128MB RAM
• Monitor: resolution 1024x768

Network Optimum application can be run at any personal computer which has a Windows operation system and a web browser installed.


SolForLog envisages user training for working within the Network Optimum application. The training can be performed as single user training or group training.

Application licensing methods

Licenses are issued for a period of one year by default and price includes initial system setup, user training, technical support and some additional reports as requested. However, the possibility of short-term licensing is also an option. For additional information, please contact us.

The sole owner of geographic and travel information is SolForLog unless otherwise defined by contract.

The possibilities to change, update or alter the program to specific needs exist and are subject of discussion. Details can be specified by a license or contract.